I am not used of writing about myself but i am obliged since the (ABOUT) page is there and I don’t know how to change it or remove it .

I am an interior architecture graduate from the Lebanese university institute of fine arts.
But my passion for CGI started when I was first introduced to the 3D max software through a friend of mine and since then I was indulged in the search to refine my skills and feed my hunger for this glorious industry.
Before I even went to study in LU, I already had a Diploma from the Amlieh institute in interior design so my knowledge of design was nourished early and because of that, I started working in the design industry from early ages beginning with a furniture gallery in Hamra through several offices in Lebanon ending with a job in KSA Riyadh which occupied me for a year and didn’t end up well so I came back to Lebanon in search for a future in something which I love and that is CGI (computer generated images)*.

So my friends this is just a brief .
And to know me better you need to seek me for a job maybe ; )


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